Signs That Your Retaining Walls Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced

Do Your Melbourne Retaining Walls Need Repairing or Replacing? Look For These Warning Signs

When made from highly durable materials like steel reinforced concrete, retaining walls can provide your Melbourne property with years of structural support. But despite their strength, they can’t last forever. As the years pass, harsh weather and environmental conditions can take a toll on your retaining walls.

How can property owners tell when repairs or replacements for their retaining walls are long overdue? Here are a few signs that it’s time to call in a professional.

Rot and Pest Infestations Affecting Timber Retaining Walls

If you invested in timber retaining walls for your Melourne property, signs of damage like rotting can lead to them collapsing. Similarly, if they’ve been infested with insects or pests like termites, you should call an expert and have them look at your wall.

The Wall Is Bending Due to Excess Soil

Although some types, like gabion retaining walls, aren’t designed to stand upright, it’s a bad sign if your walls are noticeably tilting to one side. If you can see the wall bending or bowing, there’s a chance that your wall wasn’t constructed properly in the first place.

Take steel reinforced retaining walls, for instance. They need to be positioned properly, and with appropriate depth to ensure stability. So, if the posts aren’t deep enough or are placed too far apart, it can affect the wall’s structural integrity.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls Melbourne

Cracks in Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

Signs like cracks and bigger fractures are easy to spot along the surface of your retaining walls. While it’s possible to repair a few hairline cracks, larger, prominent fractures may indicate that you need to replace the wall entirely. With time, these cracks can grow bigger, allowing water to seep through the concrete and weaken its structure.  Besides the wall itself, you’ll also notice cracks in the adjacent floor, which indicates that the wall is likely to crumble.

Sections of the Wall Are Toppling

Are parts of your retaining wall toppling over? When sections start slipping, it indicates that the retaining wall is pushed beyond its limit. You’ll also notice that sections of the wall have started separating from the main structure. In this situation, it’s best to call in a professional, like our team at Jamesco Group, and have them repair or replace the wall.

Water is Leaking Out of Your Retaining Walls

Did you know that inadequate drainage can cause your retaining walls to tilt to one side? After a storm, large volumes of water can accumulate behind your wall and exert pressure on the structure, which causes leaning. If your retaining walls are leaking and aren’t draining excess water properly, you’ll need to replace them. Additionally, you should improve your drainage system if your area gets a lot of rain.

Timber Retaining Walls Melbourne

Separated Bricks or Rocks

If your retaining wall is made of concrete blocks or sandstone bricks, a sign of damage is when they start separating.The same goes for walls made of large rocks, and it happens when individual units aren’t sealed properly. Another reason is that the foundation isn’t packed tight enough to sustain the wall. Over time, tremors and vibration from nearby construction can exacerbate the damage.

Why Do Retaining Walls Crack?

Because a common sign of damage is cracking and crumbling, many property owners wonder why this occurs. Typically, cracking is the result of the following:

Rebuild Stronger Retaining Walls For Your Melbourne Property

If your retaining walls have started tilting, crumbling, cracking, leaking, or separating, it’s time to repair or replace them. At Jamesco Group, our crew believes in the importance of proper installation for long-lasting results. If you’re considering rebuilding your retaining walls, get in touch with our team today!

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