Why you should hire a professional to build your retaining wall

Retaining walls Melbourne are structures that you don’t want to get wrong. The consequences of a retaining wall that fails can run from a big clean-up job to fines and even loss of life. These aren’t things you want to happen when all you need is a bit of level ground in your backyard.

Getting in a professional means that you can get the job done without any hassles or problems once it’s in. Yes, It will cost a bit more than you and the neighbour “having a go” but getting in the team at Jamesco Group means that it will be done once, done right and done legally!

So, let’s have a quick look at the benefits of getting Jamesco Group in to build your retaining walls Melbourne. 

We build legal retaining walls!

We know what’s legal and what you need to do, whether you want a bit of level ground in the backyard for the kid’s swing or you want to build an apartment block on a slope. 

We understand and know backward the Australian safety code AS4678 as well as the requirements of the State Government and the Councils in the Melbourne area. 

You will get legal retaining walls Melbourne if you call us to build it!

We build safe retaining walls

Knowing the industry like we do, we know how to build a wall safely. By safe, we mean no one will get hurt when we build it, and you’ll be safe to stand, sit, build and play on the wall and land afterwards with confidence. 

You will get a safe retaining wall if you call us to build it!

Gabion Retaining Walls Melbourne

We build retaining walls in a timely manner

There will be no mucking around when you call us. We will start when we say we will start, and we always build “weather days” into our quotes as we live in Melbourne, and nothing is more predictable than unpredictable Melbourne weather!

We won’t be stopping to check rules and regulations, we won’t be stopping for the cricket (even though we would love to), and we won’t be stopping because we forgot to get a part from the local hardware shop!

You already know that if your husband or a friend attempts to do this, there will be delay after delay, and your yard will look like a demolition party for a very long time in a lot of cases. Don’t risk endless holdups. Call in the guys who want to get your retaining wall in as fast as you do!

You will get a retaining wall built as quickly as possible when you call us to build it!

We are insured retaining wall specialists

There’s a good point. If you start building your retaining wall and something goes wrong, who pays? You? Yup!

We are insured but hardly ever need to worry about that at all. We know what we are doing and build your retaining walls quickly, legally and to the Australian standards, so our insurance is really for the completely unforeseen. 

Don’t take the risk and try to build something yourself to save a few quid, it’s often not worth it in the long run. 

You will get an insured retaining wall if you call us to build it!

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls Melbourne

We know drainage and what you need for a successful retaining wall

You might not understand what happens when you put a huge pile of dirt behind a solid wall, and then it rains in Melbourne – but we sure do!

We know what kind of drainage you’ll need to put in so that your wall doesn’t become waterlogged, spring a few leaks or plain burst its banks when the rains start falling in earnest here in Melbourne. 

Don’t take a guess or the word of a local hardware shop assistant, call in the professionals and let’s have a look at what you need and what you’ll need to take into account before you start. Retrofitting drainage behind a retaining wall is time-consuming and expensive. Do it right the first time!

You will get a properly draining retaining wall if you call us to build it!

Consulting with a professional retaining wall contractor is always a good idea. We live and breathe everything to do with retaining walls all day, every day and know what will work to make a durable, safe, legal, insured and well-draining retaining wall for your property. 

Call Jamesco Group today for all of your retaining wall needs across Melbourne!

If you are not sure which retaining walls Melbourne is right for you, call Jamesco Group today!